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Arbonne was developed by Petter Morck in 1975 and is a skin care range that has been available in the US since 1982. The Arbonne reviews are mixed, and many negative issues have been found as well as positive ones. Firstly when talking about the Arbonne reviews it needs to be made cleat that the skin care range is all natural; it contains no animal products or parabens, PABA, petrolatum, animal by-products or formaldehyde.

The Arbonne reviews state that the major interest in the range of products on offer is their anti aging products. The products available are sold by independent sales consultants who earn commission in their sales; Arbonne is a direct sales company. There are a wide range of products available such as Arbonne FC5, Arbonne RE9, Arbonne Intelligence, Arbonne Clear Advantage, and Arbonne calm. The majority of the Arbonne reviews concentrate on their anti aging range, the products also being available to buy directly from the Internet.

Arbonne is not available in stores, it operates in a similar way to Mary Kay and Avon, and like these other companies the Arbonne reviews will show mixed feelings on the quality and price of their products and range. Their range of anti aging products includes their Arbonne Intelligence Rejuvinating cream and their RE9 Advances extra moisture day crème.

The Arbonne reviews state clearly that if you order from their site you will have no problem with the time it takes to be delivered; what however are in question are the ingredients that are in the products. Arbonne claims that its entire range of products contains the most advanced ingredients that will restore your skin to its former glory through the use of collagen.  For example, the RE9 range includes 9 different active ingredients that combat aging including Algae and Vitamin C.

The Arbonne reviews show that the percentage of active ingredients is quite high when compared to other similar brands, and that the ingredients are displayed clearly. Arbonne do not use the heavy handed methods to entice the customer huge marketing campaigns; it would therefore appear that there is nothing amiss with the Arbonne range. The products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and when used over time positive results will be seen.

However, when you take time out to really read up on the Arbonne reviews, you will realize that although they do use the active ingredients necessary to combat anti aging, you are not getting good value for money. An anti aging cream such as RE9 by Arbonne will cost you around $60: for this price you expect it to be packed with all the very best ingredients; however when you take time out to really look at the ingredients you will see immediately why the Arbonne reviews is mixed.

Let’s take their intensive renew serum; the first and most important active ingredient ranks in at number 28 on the list, in fact it is at the bottom. Retinyl Pamitate ranks after all kinds of other inexpensive and useless ingredients that are used to purely pack out the tube; leaving you wondering of course just how small the tube would be when you got rid of all the inexpensive and useless filler ingredients.

The Arbonne reviews can often cleverly leave you thinking that you are getting a top quality product that contains all the right ingredients, and even give you value for money with the generous size of the packaging. But when you peel away their soft and luxurious looking exterior, you will be left with a very small amount of product that you have paid top dollar for.

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  1. Pamela

    What is so special about Arbonne skin care products? Nothing. Will you see any results after using Arbonne products for a reasonable amount of time? No. I really don’t know what all the hype is about. I tried the Intensive Renewal Serum, Night Repair Crème and Extra Moisture Restorative Day Crème Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen. The whole kit cost me over $100. I should have just bought the smaller kit but I felt pressured by the sales lady who was a friend of a friend. She was also disappointed with the results and has posted a review too. Didn’t see any change in my skin after four months. Then I looked up each ingredient and know I know I am way too gullible.


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