La Mer Reviews

The La Mer line of skin and body care products include an array of items that include serums, moisturizers, cleansers, tonics, eye care products, and anti-aging creams, and the company website offers La Mer reviews for those who go there to find out more about the brand. These reviews, along with others like it online, may help you decide if the products are a good fit for your own skin care regimen. Some information you can learn from La Mer reviews includes whether the products were effective on certain skin care types, what adverse effects users suffered from (if any), and what kind of specific improvements they saw. Reviews that appear on the company website often include specific user information, such as what skin type each reviewer has and what skin condition they are attempting to treat. While some La Mer reviews contain specific information about product ingredients, they should not replace a careful inspection of each product’s complete ingredient list if you are considering their purchase.

La Mer Reviews: The Positive

Some La Mer reviews claim that the company’s anti-aging creams are effective and that the reviewers were surprised at how many different skin problems can be treated. Some users claim that their acne scars faded, fine lines and wrinkles looked less noticeable with daily use, and that the cream is effective on acne blemishes as well.

Other benefits and positive features of the products mentioned in La Mer reviews include the non-greasy feel many people claimed to experience when they tried the creams and serums. This feature may be especially beneficial for those who suffer from acne or who have oily skin; however, it is important to note the skin type of each reviewer and to note in particular what those with acne-prone skin have to say about their experience with La Mer products.

Some La Mer reviews claim that the products are a “facelift in a bottle” or “a miracle for aging skin,” but you may want to treat reviews like this with extreme skepticism. No topical skin care products will give you the same kind of results that you would get from a surgical facelift, and there is no real way to magically turn back the hands of time. While some La Mer reviews may extol the virtues of the company’s ingredients, it would be wise to keep realistic beauty goals in mind as you read reviews.

La Mer Reviews: The Negative

Some La Mer reviews claim that the products are difficult to use. For example, the company’s moisturizing cream includes directions that suggest you rub the product between the hands until it becomes almost transparent before you transfer it to your face. However, some reviewers claim that the cream seems to vanish on their hands before they apply it to their skin, and others say that the texture of the cream doesn’t change, no matter how much they try to heat it up with friction.

Of course, it is difficult to know if those who claimed to experience issues with applying the cream followed the directions properly. If product texture and ease of application are important to you, you may want to test the products at your local beauty retailer where you can touch and experience samples for yourself.

The Bottom Line

While many reviewers of this product line claim that they experienced positive results for a number of skin care issues, including wrinkles, acne scars, and dry skin, others claimed that some of the creams and serums were difficult to apply and that many of the products were overpriced. The best way to discover if these skin care products are the right choice for you is to gather the most objective comments from La Mer reviews you find, compare them side by side, and then find a local retailer that will allow you to test a few products for yourself.



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